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Harrison Ansell

Harrison Ansell

About Me

Hello! I’m Harrison Ansell, a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in London. I grew up in Essex and have been involved in Photography since I was 12, expanding into Graphic Design during my teens. I hold a degree in Graphic Design and have since worked with a wide range of clients including sports facilities, clubs, construction companies, clothing brands, and personal trainers.

My expertise includes photography, videography, graphic design, drone photography and videography, 360 photography, web design, and social media management. Beyond work, I have a keen interest in gym and sports, which I actively pursue.

My goal as a professional is to establish myself in the creative industry and continuously improve my craft. In my work, I adopt a relaxed approach, focusing on capturing subjects in their most natural and authentic states.


Bachelor of Arts

Graphic Design


14 Years Photography Experience
12 Years Graphic Design

2 Years Drone Piloting


Essex / London

My Skills



Social Media Management

Graphic Design

Drone Photography/Videography

360 Photography

Web Design

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