Pet Photography

Create a beautiful memory of your beloved pet with a stunning photograph

Pet Photography

On-site pet photography is a unique and personalized service that captures the essence of your beloved pets in their natural environment. I will come to a jointly agreed location, ensuring your pets feel comfortable and relaxed in familiar surroundings. This approach not only allows for more authentic and spontaneous shots but also eliminates the stress and anxiety pets might experience in a studio setting. I will capture the unique personality of your pet, be it playful antics or serene moments, creating lasting memories for you as an owner. My on-site sessions are tailored to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of each pet, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners. Using natural lighting and attention to detail, I provide high-quality images that truly reflect the special bond you share with your furry family members.



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1 Hour 'On Location' Photoshoot

From £100

  • An individually planned photoshoot at an outdoor location of your choice.
  • All the digital post processing of your images
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